The unique images on Picturesonline.co.uk are the work, over many years, of landscape photographer and cameraman Mike Howlett. They are not generally available anywhere else except where a selection of prints may be exhibited in a gallery or at an arts/crafts fair or lodged with a commercial photographic agency for media use. Prints are produced to a very high professional standard - archival quality prints on heavy-weight semi-gloss or matte paper with a longevity in the order of 60-80 years (if treated with care and not displayed permanently in direct sunlight). 

Check here for further details of prints.

I want to buy a large print of x but the purchase options are limited to smaller sizes.
A few images on Picturesonline.co.uk have been sourced from older negatives or have been reduced slightly by cropping. This means that, in order to maintain strict control over the quality of our prints, the size of some print options has been restricted to what we ourselves would hang on the wall (once suitably mounted and framed).  Conversely, many images will print larger than the purchase options normally allow. In these circumstances, we respectfully request that you email us for a quote for larger size prints.  
Can you send direct to a third party?
Many people buy prints as gifts for friends or family, etc. but Paypal does not directly offer the option of re-routing delivery.  However, if you email us from the Contact page at time of purchase, we can deliver elsewhere as long as any additional postal costs are covered (delivery is free in the UK). The standard Terms & Conditions will still apply.  Gift packaging is not currently available.

What if I want to buy prints in quantity?
The same high print standards will apply, of course, just as if you were buying singly, but we will be happy to discuss a volume discount. Please write to us for a quote using the form on the Contact page, specifying size, number and image names or reference numbers.

Anything going cheap?
Possibly. All our products are individually tailored to bespoke purchase requirements, so we do not keep a ready stockpile of prints. However it is sometimes expedient to make available (at reduced price) any ex-exhibition prints that would otherwise cause us a storage problem.  We occasionally offer these at discount prices at subsequent shows or art/craft fairs, in which case there will usually be an alert on the Home page. 

Love my print but I can’t decide on a frame. Can you help?
The current version of Picturesonline.co.uk is not able to display photographs in frames except as examples. However, for the next development of Picturesonline.co.uk the wish-list includes an option for visitors to choose their own combination of mount and frame.  Until then, write to us using the Contacts page, and we will be able to suggest a suitable frame to consider for your picture.

When can I expect delivery?
Within 14 days, but usually quicker than that in the UK.  Production processes cannot be hurried without compromising our quality standards, so although our Terms & Conditions say 30 days for delivery, we generally aim to dispatch goods within a week. In a worst-case scenario where there are national delivery problems, production problems or other mitigating circumstances, we will contact buyers for their choice of action.

Can I collect?
Unfortunately no. Every order is a hand-crafted made-to-order product and is despatched as soon as it is ready.  We do not have premises from which it is currently possible to collect orders. 

What if I have to cancel my order?
No problem. If your order hasn’t been processed at all, you’ll get a full refund. In circumstances where goods have been despatched and /or received please see Sect 7 (Returns) in Terms and Conditions.

What happens if my picture is damaged upon arrival?
We make every effort to ensure that you receive your package in good condition.  However, if your package is obviously damaged upon delivery, please refuse to accept delivery of it and Contact us to let us know what has happened. If it’s something less obvious which is only apparent upon opening the package, again, Contact us straight away with full details. For more information please see Sect 7 (Returns) in Terms and Conditions.

How safe is my personal information?
Very. We don’t ask for any personal information unless you are buying from the site, and even then only what Paypal provides to alert us to your order and the delivery details. We do not have access to, or retain, credit/debit card details. You can navigate Picturesonline.co.uk quite anonymously. If you make a purchase, we do not use your details for marketing or for any other purposes.  And if you email us, we will have your name and email address only for the purposes of replying. None of these details are shared with, divulged to, sold to or even glimpsed by anyone else. Please see our Privacy Policy here.

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