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Mounts ('mats')
All Picturesonline prints are produced with conservation in mind: on acid-free, pH-neutral papers using the latest K3 pigment inks. Prints are made on Permajet’s heavy-duty Classic Fine Art paper ‘FB (fibre-based) Gold Silk’, 315gsm, with its exceptional stability and colour accuracy, and absence of artificial whiteners or, if preferred, on Permajet's fibre-based, ultra-smooth 285gsm Fine Art matt paper.  All prints have an estimated fade resistance of 60-80 years when not exposed to direct sunlight or a ‘chemical’ environment, and should ideally be displayed under UV-resistant glass. 

The photographs on this site have been shot on 35mm, 2¼“ square, transparencies, and 5” x 4” negatives, as well as, more recently, on a range of digital cameras. As a consequence, the size and shape of the picture will vary, eg. an A4 sheet clearly can’t be filled to the edges of the paper with, say, a square image.  Prints are available in A4, A3 and A2 sizes. Please note that not all sizes are available for every image: a few pictures, particularly those from earlier source material, do not meet our quality standard for large prints, and will only be available in smaller sizes.  Prints will always have a white border around the image to allow for mounting.

Our prints are generally made to order. However, it is in the nature of this sort of business that a number of prints are unsold after any exhibition or 'art' or craft sale or Christmas venue that we have attended.   When you order a bespoke print from the image pages, you can be assured that it has been hand-crafted from source material using the latest pigment inks for longevity and will be despatched as soon as we ourselves are satisfied that you will be receiving the best available quality of print. 

Where a mounted print is ordered, we professionally hand-cut the mount using Arqadia’s conservation-grade ‘Minuet’ mountboard. Alongside standard board thickness, we offer the alternative of a deep-cut version (approximately twice as thick as standard mountboard) which provides a luxurious sense of depth when surrounding a beautiful photographic print, greatly enhancing its visual appeal. We also include a slightly wider bottom margin to the mount - known as ‘weighting’ - as this helps to lead the eye into the picture and prevents the picture looking oddly low in the frame when hung. Off-the-shelf mounts almost never include this essential function, but you can see this ‘weighting’ in action in the individual picture pages, where each image is given a typical mount surround and suggested frame.
You may have noticed from some of the 'framed examples' that can be seen on each image page that some pictures exhibit an additional outer border line on the print itself.  These printed borders can augment the look and style of the photograph as they emulate the feel of a classic double-mount but without the added cost. They also provide an ‘edge’ to the picture within the mount window. This is the photographic equivalent of the 'wash-line' that can often be found on some watercolours, except that on the latter, the wash-line is painted on the mount, not on the picture.   Please note that these additional border lines are not included in any of our prints unless requested at the time of purchase - they are included in the 'framed' examples simply for illustration purposes and to provide an idea of the variety of framing options available to you. However, we are happy to give you the picture that you really want, so if you wish to have these border lines included, please let us know at the time of purchase (at no additional cost).
Arqadia’ ‘Minuet’ board is of a very pale ivory colour, which matches the warm base tone of the print material that we use (see above). However, buyers also have the choice of a matt finish to their prints, and this should normally be matched to a white mountboard in the purchasing drop-down list. These combinations blend well with most interior decors and suit virtually any choice of frame, especially natural or stained wood frames.

Wherever possible mounts are cut to accommodate standard, off-the-shelf frame sizes as a convenience to our customers, the exceptions generally being square pictures that will often need a bespoke frame, or where the original has been cropped for composition purposes.  We prefer to ‘frame-to-the-picture’ rather than cut the picture to fit a particular frame size, so we can make no guarantees with regard to a picture’s potential frame dimensions.

See our 'Anatomy of a Print' for a good overview of a typical mounted print, here.

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