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What happens to old wood? In the process
of clearing out and moving to another
country entirely (Italy - who wouldn't?),
friends left these weathered door-knobs
sitting on the lid of a compost heap. Unless
burned, wood will invariably return to its
original molecular state eventually, breaking
down as sawdust from the chain saw, for
instance, or as offcuts from the DIY'er or the
boatbuilder or carpenter, then after a few
years - when the Mrs wants some new
furniture - taken to the corporation dump, to
become landfill, food for termites and wood
lice. Discharged back into the soil to start
the process over again, its nitrates help build
more trees. In the meantime, we've
probably taken lots of pictures of this
generic piece of wood, from that 'artistic'
logpile in the woodyard, to a starring role in
the Ikea catalogue as a stuffed bookshelf, or
that weekend sailboat, picures forgotten in the family album. Unloved and unwanted,
these once-useful door-knobs would have been tossed into the corporation maw by the
new house-owners...after having been briefly tinkered with by a passing photographer.
Doorknobs in compost
On the compost...