(slide centre column to the right for the 'before' and to the left for the 'after')
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'Before and After' image (Petra)
This was a composite shot before I knew anything much about masking.  To render detail in the rocks leading to the Treasury was one exposure, probably something like 1/15 sec @f/4.5 on ISO 100. The Treasury, 1/250 sec at f/8.  There was not enough latitude in the film I was using to get the two components in the one shot.  So two manual exposures were needed: the Treasury in the first (rock) shot was therefore completely burnt out, and the rocks in the second shot, pitch black. A spotmeter might have helped, but all meters render what they are reading as the equivalent, given a standard processing procedure, as 18% grey - ie. a standard reference.  All I had do to subsequently was to carefully cut out and paste a better-exposed Treasury shot into the burnt-out hole in the rock shot, retaining an element of over-exposure in the former to provide the appropriate sense of heat and light.  
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