(slide centre column to the right for the 'before' and to the left for the 'after')
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'Before and After' image (Cutty Sark)
There's not much that's dull about Greenwich, SE London, but visit this beautiful ship on a dull day and you're likely to get dull pictures . However, with a little tweaking in the edit suite, these can be enlivened by the application of increased chroma, effects masks, and the like. The resultant picture, as here, may not be strictly accurate in terms of representing the ship in its full glory, but it's now a more colourful, creative rendition.  Until I researched it (OK, Wikipedia), I'd assumed the hull plating was of copper, but it seems that it is of  'Muntz metal', a cheaper and more effective method of protecting the hull and dealing with the wildlife that attaches to it.
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